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Loni Peurrung

Group Manager
(509) 375-2878

... to the Applied Materials & Manufacturing Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Our group's scientists and engineers develop new chemicals and materials and pioneer innovative processing approaches to meet our sponsors' and industry's needs for high performance and reduced energy intensity in next-generation vehicles, nuclear and other energy systems, and related markets.

Our work draws on a fundamental understanding of materials science, but is largely applied. Our innovations are deployed at automotive manufacturing plants and in submarines, and we are leading the way on cost-effective capture of carbon dioxide generated during power production. Our laboratories feature the latest equipment—much of which is one-of-a-kind—for synthesizing, processing, and testing materials and systems at industrial scales.

By applying the impressive resources and investments of a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory, our group can help you customize and deploy these innovative materials and processes in your manufacturing facility, dam, chemical processing plant ... or any other environment. Whether you're with government, industry, or academia, I invite you to contact me about how we can collaborate with you.

Research Teams

Our group's 40+-person staff — primarily metallurgists, materials scientists, physical and organic chemists, and mechanical engineers—provide expertise in the following teams:

  • Materials Processing—develops cutting-edge, solid-phase processing approaches for forming and joining metals and applies these approaches to vehicle lightweighting and other energy systems. Core capabilities: metallurgy, mechanical engineering.
  • Materials Development and Testing—conducts mechanical testing and applies thermomechanical processing approaches to nuclear materials systems. Core capabilities: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, polymeric materials and corrosion science.
  • Applied Synthetic Chemistry—generates milligram-to-kilogram quantities of specialty chemicals with breakthrough performance as fuels, lubricant additives, and CO2 capture liquids. Core capabilities: green chemistry.

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