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Stan Pitman

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352

PNNL Publications




  • Alvine KJ, TA Kafentzis, SG Pitman, KI Johnson, DC Skorski, JC Tucker, TJ Roosendaal, and ME Dahl. 2014. "An In-situ Tensile Test Apparatus for Polymers in High Pressure Hydrogen." Review of Scientific Instruments 85(10):Article No. 105110.  doi:10.1063/1.4899315
  • Ramuhalli P, S Roy, EH Hirt, AF Pardini, AM Jones, JE Deibler, SG Pitman, JC Tucker, MS Prowant, and JD Suter. 2014. Local-Level Prognostics Health Management Systems Framework for Passive AdvSMR Components - Interim ReportPNNL-23625 Rev. 0, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 


  • Luscher WG, ER Gilbert, SG Pitman, and EF Love, Jr. 2013. "SURFACE MODIFICATION OF ZIRCALOY-4 SUBSTRATES WITH NICKEL ZIRCONIUM INTERMETALLICS." Journal of Nuclear Materials 433(1-3):514-522.  doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2012.05.039


  • Alvine KJ, M Tyagi, C Brown, TJ Udovic, TJ Jenkins, and SG Pitman. 2012. "Hydrogen Species Motion in Piezoelectrics: A Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering Study." Journal of Applied Physics 111(5): 053505 .  doi:10.1063/1.3691114
  • Alvine KJ, V Shutthanandan, BW Arey, CM Wang, WD Bennett, and SG Pitman. 2012. "Pb nanowire formation on Al/lead zirconate titanate surfaces in high-pressure hydrogen." Journal of Applied Physics 112(1):Article No. 013533.  doi:10.1063/1.4731721
  • Alvine KJ, M Vijayakumar, ME Bowden, AL Schemer-Kohrn, and SG Pitman. 2012. "Hydrogen diffusion in Lead Zirconate Titanate and Barium Titanate." Journal of Applied Physics 112(4):Article No. 043511.  doi:10.1063/1.4748283
  • Meyer RM, P Ramuhalli, BE Watson, SG Pitman, TJ Roosendaal, and LJ Bond. 2012. "Monitoring Thermal Fatigue Damage In Nuclear Power Plant Materials Using Acoustic Emission." In Proceedings of SPIE, Nondestructive Characterization for Composite Materials, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Infrastructure, and Homeland Security, March 11, 2012, San Diego, California , vol. 8347, p. Article No. 83470D.  Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, Bellingham, WA.  doi:10.1117/12.915458
  • Ramuhalli P, CH Henager, Jr, JW Griffin, RM Meyer, JB Coble, SG Pitman, and LJ Bond. 2012. "Material Aging and Degradation Detection and Remaining Life Assessment for Plant Life Management." In 3rd International Conference on NPP Life Management (PLIM) for Long Term Operations (LTO), May 14-18, 2012, Salt Lake City, Utah, pp. Paper No. IAEA-CN-194-1P28.  International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria. 



  • Alvine KJ, V Shutthanandan, WD Bennett, CC Bonham, DC Skorski, SG Pitman, ME Dahl, and CH Henager, Jr. 2010. "High Pressure Hydrogen Materials Compatibility of Piezoelectric Films." Applied Physics Letters 97(22):Paper No. 221911.  doi:10.1063/1.3517445
  • Pitman SG, KJ Alvine, JV Ryan, A Welch, B Boyer, JL Gibbs, and MT Smith. 2010. "Agreement 11754 - Hydrogen Materials Compatibility." In 2009 Progress Report for Propulsion Materials, ed. PB Davis, CL Schutte and JL Gibbs, pp. 87-96.  Department of Energy, Washington DC. 


  • Henager CH, Jr, AL Schemer-Kohrn, SG Pitman, DJ Senor, KJ Geelhood, and CL Painter. 2008. "Pitting Corrosion in CVD SiC at 300C in Deoxygenated High-Purity Water." Journal of Nuclear Materials 378 (1):9-16.  doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2008.03.025
  • Wieda KJ, MJ Schweiger, M Bliss, SG Pitman, and EA Eschbach. 2008. Materials Science and Technology Teachers HandbookPNNL-17764, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 




  • Davies RW, JS Vetrano, MT Smith, and SG Pitman. 2002. "Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Tailor Welded Blanks at Superplastic Temperatures." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 128(1-3):38-47. 

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